Zj coilover kit

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Zj coilover kit

King OEM performance kit custom tuned to provide your Jeep with unparalleled levels of performance and ride quality.

zj coilover kit

Each kit has been subjected to punishing real world testing to develop the optimal damping curve and spring rate for your vehicle. Easy bolt-on installation for stock height or custom kits for trucks running lifted aftermarket suspensions. If you are seeing this it means you do not have javascript enabled in your browser.

zj coilover kit

Please enable javascript and refresh the page. Lightweight hard anodized aluminum alloy reservoirs dissipate heat quickly and will not rust due to gas charging contamination. The heat treated aluminum alloy piston has our highly developed port configurations that contribute to the unique damping performance and famous King ride quality.

High quality fittings are mated to Aeroquip high pressure hoses which resist abrasion and kinking. Wear bands are made from a Rulon composite that offers incredible wear resistance, low deformation under load and high compressive strength. Overlapping end design enhances sealing.

Internally threaded top cap design threads over the shock body to enable maximum piston travel inside the shock body.

They are hard chromed and micro-polished to a 6 RA finish for extended seal life. High strength rod end designed for proper clearance on your application. Steel Teflon lined spherical bearings for smooth articulation and long life with no metal to metal contact.

Coilover shocks are machined with our own truncated thread design for ultimate strength and trouble free spring preload and height adjustments. Aluminum components and vehicle specific mounts are machined from aircraft quality billet. Front and rear kits all include all necessary vehicle specific mounting brackets and hardware along with detailed installation instructions. Technical support, if needed, is only a phone call or email away.

Pinch bolt coil adjuster nut offers superior clamping force to retain your coil preload adjustments without crushing the threads like set screw style collars do. Internal reservoir allows easy bolt-on installation and guards against shock fade during severe use. Hose Remote2 Tube Bypass Shocks King Shock Technology, Inc. Jeep JK Front 2.At T N T we continue to raise the bar and offer products that are cutting edge.

This kit will allow our customers to take their Jeep Wrangler to the next level. The foundation of our coilover conversion kit is an upper mount that is CNC cut and formed from.

The axle mounted lower shock bracket with incorporated bump stop pad, also CNC cut and formed from. We have mounts for stock axle tube dimensions and for larger tubed aftermarket housings.

The lower shock mount is fully boxed and makes for a very rigid mount ready for off road abuse. The bumpstop mounts are CAD designed to limit up travel just as the coilovers reach maximum compression; mounts are CNC cut and formed from. Although designed for a 2. Our front coilover conversion kit is a game changer and is the perfect complement to our JK Rok-Tec long arm upgrade kit.

This kit will take any short or long arm suspension and turn it into an off road powerhouse! Skip to main content. TNT Customs. Jeep Aftermarket Parts. Load carrying brackets are all. Jeep's long awaited replacement for the Jeep JK. Many great upgrades from factory make this the next desirable model. The number 1 selling Jeep of all time. Love 'em or hate 'em, we have the parts you need to take your Jeep Wrangler JK to the next level.

One of the most desired Jeeps for the off roading crowd. Great wheel base, easily modified without computer glitches, a bit extra room for family.

One of the best vehicles for modifying and getting out on the hard trails. It's definitately hip to be square when it comes to YJ love. Check out full replacement fenders that give you the largest wheel opening in the market by completely replacing your factory fenders.

These vehicles have been around for a while. Loved and cherished by many. TNT is one of the few companies still making aftermarket parts for these golden oldies. Jeep XJ MJ.Basic information needed when ordering shocks. King Shocks has a comprehensive product line with shocks available for any application from stock trucks to all out race vehicles. Selecting the shock you need depends on your driving style, your vehicles specific configuration and its intended use.

A shock that works well on a lightweight sand car or UTV cannot deliver the same results on a heavy 4X4 truck or unlimited race vehicle.

Stock vehicles are sometimes limited when it comes to shock upgrades due to clearance issues that may exist. If you have a stock or lifted truck, the easiest way to get a huge performance advantage is to install one of our bolt on OEM upgrade kits that are designed to work with your vehicle.

The same is true if you need shocks for your UTV, King has shock upgrade kits for stock or long travel UTV's that deliver incredible performance.

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King Shocks makes many different shocks that are designed to work with your suspension. In order to select the correct shock you need to determine what each shock type does.

A coilover shock incorporates a coil spring mounted around the outside of the shock body that holds the vehicles weight. A single coilover on each wheel will hold the vehicle up and provide damping. You can also run a coilover shock as a coil carrier when used with a bypass shock. When used as a coil carrier the coilover has no valving inside it only suspends the cars weight while the bypass shock does the damping.

A third coilover configuration combines two shocks in one. It includes a coil spring on the lower portion of the shock body to support the vehicle weight with a bypass shock on the top portion of the shock body to control the damping. The Coilpass shock was developed for racing classes that are limited to one shock per wheel. Cars that run a Coilpass are usually designed to accommodate the additional length of the Coilpass shock. Bypass shocks provide externally adjustable damping.

Bypass tubes are welded to the outside of the shock body that allow the shock fluid to flow around the piston. Each tube has a bypass valve that controls how much fluid can pass. When the valve is opened up, it allows fluid to pass easily soft. When the valve is closed down, less fluid is able to pass firm.

zj coilover kit

The tubes are arranged on the outside of the shock according to the intended application. They are position sensitive, which means they are able to individually control the amount of damping in several stages as the piston cycles up and down. The bypass valves allow you to achieve non-linear damping curves which means you can have the shock soft at ride height for a smooth ride and progressively firmer as the shock compresses for the bigger bumps.

Bypass shocks are used with an existing means of supporting the vehicle like leaf springs or a coilover. Bypass shocks are necessary if you are subjecting your vehicle to high speeds over rough terrain. King Smoothie shocks are a major upgrade from your OEM shocks.

They contain the same race-proven damping technology and superior construction that King's all-out race shocks have. Smoothie shocks are used with an existing means of supporting the vehicle like leaf springs, torsion bars or coils.Difficulty Level: 3. Ratings Snapshot. Value 5. Quality 5. Service 5. Would recommend this product. The lower arm connections at the chassis are as high as possible with still being able to install a bolt through them.

But we are also talking about flexibility to install other axle combinations with ease.

zj coilover kit

Use this kit with your stock Dana 30 for now, and then bolt in a Dana 44 or Dana 60 down the road! All you need is a drill, a floor jack, some jack stands and some hand tools. Maintains caster through the suspension cycle Easy to install without weldingonly simple drilling is required!!! Seriously, you can install this in your driveway in a few hours! Detailed Installation Instructions. A short arm kit is a suspension system that typically utilizes the factory mounting points on the axles and the chassis for your control arms.

These types of kits can use OEM control arms, heavy duty fixed length arms, heavy duty adjustable arms, OR any combination of these options. Short arm kits are the easiest system to install and upgrade, and are very versatile. These systems are best used in From daily driving to overlanding, to light rock crawling, these kits transform your Jeep into a swiss army knife.

With a low purchase price, and fantastic performance gains over stock, these are a great bang for the buck! Kit utilizes short arms not a long arm kit Simplest installation, using basic hand tools. Minor drilling may be required. Easy to upgrade without purchasing duplicate parts. Kit utilizes short arms not a long arm kit Still a simple install, basic hand tools required.

Highest performing short arm system Kit utilizes short arms not a long arm kit The best for mild lift height builds for all around versatility, adjustability, and durability. Basic hand tools for installation. These kits usually contain several components with adjustments so we view this as a medium difficulty installation.

Some minor drilling may be required. Long arm kits: What is a long arm kit? Long arm suspension systems use a chassis mounting system that allows a much longer control arm set to be installed. This allows for a flatter operating angle for and more straight up and down axle movement through the suspension cycle. The benefits include an improved ride comfort than otherwise equally equipped short arm suspension, significantly reduced binding allows more articulation keeping your tires on the ground longer, meaning more traction without the use of traction aides like limited slip or lockers.

Long arm systems often have easier provisions for swapping in different axles. The installation can vary from simple to difficult depending on the system or vehicle application.

This combines the premium performance benefits of a long arm system and the great value of short arms or leaf springs ;- Stronger than stock Great for both high ground clearance builds as well as low center of gravity builds Typically does not require exhaust modification.

Best for lifts above 3. Easy to upgrade by adding rear long arms at a later time. Difficulty level is medium. Basic hand tools required.

Great for any and ALL builds 3. Typically requires exhaust modification.This Product qualifies for free ground shipping to the lower 48 contiguous states when ordered online. Coilover shocks and springs of your choice are also available. Each of these three items multiply by each other and when they're all perfect, the performance is unbelievable! With that said, having a problem with any one of them can ruin the whole experience.

By keeping the center of gravity low, the suspension geometry will be closer to factory which will ultimately allow everything to cycle smoothly. Our kit is designed to have 5" of up travel and is optimized around the JL chassis. The result is a kit that delivers more comfort, more control no bucking or bouncingand greater off-road performance than others. This kit will support lift heights from 2.

With aftermarket fenders our JL will clear 40" Tires. By keeping the height low we are able to improve the stability and to improve the JL suspension geometry by reducing link angles.

Our kit will cycle a true 5 of up travel on a 4 lift. The increased up travel over other kits means a smoother ride and less bottoming out. By using the latest 3D modeling software and OEM 3d files we were able to make a kit that's easy to install and maximizes the suspension performance. With the proper tools, this kit can easily be installed in a day.

The result is a JL Coilover Kit that delivers the ride you want. Stage 4 Shocks Packages: 2. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With more travel and custom tuning the AccuTune JL Coilover Kit will smooth out the street, let you tackle rutted roads in comfort, and crawl over the toughest obstacles. Each shock is custom tuned for your weight, terrain, and driving style using our AccuTune Equations.

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Features Specifications Reviews Features. Low Lift Height This kit will support lift heights from 2. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Leave this field empty. You may also like…. Where We Shop. Rated 5 out of 5. Choose an option No Shocks 2. California Prop 65 Warning Visit www.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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It is not implied that any part listed is a product of, or approved by, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Pre-Qualify For Easy Financing! Please Select Actual Price:. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart. Parts Show all Parts. FOX 2. Omix Sway Bar Link 8.

Crown, 8. Rubicon Express Front Coil Springs for 3. JKS 1. Gift now The ultimate gift for the 4x4 culture enthusiast. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Be the first to see new products and take advantage of special deals from Morris 4x4. Your email. Last Name. Phone Number. Part Number. Competitor's Link. Zip Code. Club Name.Aldan American is open for business. For a suspension that responds exactly the way you want, upgrade from your factory shocks and springs to a coilover kit.

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You can even make adjustments to compensate for track or load conditions. Our coil-over kits are made with only the highest quality materials including high strength T6 aluminum, high tensile coil-springs, and nitrogen charged shocks. Our universal coilover kit makes it easy to install custom coil-overs on your classic car or truck. Custom coil-overs help maximize performance—improving handling on the track and the street while allowing for full adjustability.

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Our coilover kits include coil-overs that are expertly matched to the proper spring rates needed for front or rear applications and are fully assembled — ready to bolt in and go. Showing 1—12 of results. Showing 1—6 of results. Search Coilover Kit Options Below:. Select MAKE.

TNT Unveils Their JK Front Coilover Conversion Kit

Select YEAR. Coilover Position. Extended Length Ride Height Bushing or Bearing Mounts. Bushing or Bearing Mounts Bushing Bearing Coil Spring Length. Spring Rate. Spring Finish. Custom Coilover Kit — Rebound single adjustable Ext. Search Coilovers Below:. Professional-Grade Coilover Kit Our universal coilover kit makes it easy to install custom coil-overs on your classic car or truck.

Aldan American.


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